2021 CD Calendar Templates are Here!
2023 CD Calendar Templates

2022 CD Calendar Templates Available

It's time (finally) for me to share the 2022 templates for the CD Calendars that are my most requested item. They are free to download and use to make calendars for yourself and others. You may not sell the templates, but you are welcome to sell your handmade calendars in keeping with Stampin' Up's Angel Policy. They are easy to print on cardstock and then trim. If you download, print and trim the PDFs for all 12 months, you will have paper templates for two full calendars that you can then embellish as you wish. See the end of this post for more tips on printing and trimming and a source for the cases.

Here is a sample for June 2021 made by my wonderful friend and fellow Stampin' Up! demonstrator Beth Daniels.


Here are the links to download each month:

January 2022 PDF Download

February 2022 PDF Download

March 2022 PDF Download

April 2022 PDF Download

May 2022 PDF Download

June 2022 PDF Download

July 2022 PDF Download

August 2022 PDF Download

September 2022 PDF Download

October 2022 PDF Download

November 2022 PDF Download

December 2022 PDF Download

Here is the annual refresher on how I trim then after I print them on our Stampin' Up Basic White card stock (8-1/2" by 11"). You will not need to trim the left edge. The goal is to trim off the right side so its margin is equal to the left margin. (the final calendar sheet is approx. 4 & 3/4 inch wide (so your first cut is 4-3/4" from the left side of the vertical sheet), but that width can vary based on how wide the interior of your CD case is.) TIP: Make sure it fits inside your particular cases before you cut them all. Once you have cut the width, you then cut the card stock in half vertically and each of the two calendars is 5 & 1/2 inches tall. Again, adjust as needed based on your cases.

Click for a United States source for the clear plastic CD Calendar cases (with the special swing back lid that acts as an easel).

All 12 months will fit inside the case with the current month moved to the front. The key is not to add too many embellishments to each month's sheet or they get too thick. Also — since embellishments you may add are all on the top half of the calendar sheet, you can turn half of the stored months upside down if needed so the thickness issue is more balanced in the case.

Enjoy and I love hearing from you about these calendars so feel free to comment.