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Using the Envelope Punch Board to Make a File Folder Photo Mat

In my last blog post I showed a scrapbook page with a photo mat that looks like a miniature file folder. I want to show you how I made that using our new Envelope Punch Board. First here's another look at the finished page waiting for me to add a photo on the mat.


Now here's how to make it. My page is 8 inches square so I started with a piece of Crushed Curry card stock that was 6" wide by 4 & 1/2" tall. First step, with the card stock horizontal, line the left edge up with the left side of the opening in the punch part of the board -- push down on the punch -- here's a photo of that lined up and ready to be punched.


Now slide the same left edge over to the 2 & 3/4" mark (I like using 2 & 3/4" for this size mat or even to do this effect on the side of a card, but you could slide over more or a little less if you like). Once it's lined up, punch again. Here's how it looks lined up for step 2.


Now you are going to need to cut off the rest of the top edge so that just your tab is left. Our Stampin' Trimmer is perfect for that becaue you can line up the dip with the cutting groove, line the cutting blade up with the dip so you're starting the cut there and only cutting off the part you want to get rid of. Here it is lined up and ready to trim once I lower the cutting arm.


And here's what it looks like once I've made my cut.


You can see the piece I trimmed off. This is very easy to do and you can really have some fun with this technique making mini file folders. It even works if you start with a folded card and do the technique to both sides. I'll share a halloween card made with the folded file folder look in my next post.

Thanks for stopping in. It's Saturday night as I write this and it's been a great day of college football. I LOVE the college game -- always exciting to watch any teams play as they are so motivated by school pride to win.