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It's 2013 CD Calendar Time

For the past few years, I have shared templates for a standard CD case-sized calendar. The 2013 templates are ready!

Click here to see the photo gallery of the calendar from the first year -- the stamped images are retired now but it gives you ideas for how to use the templates.

I do each month as a separate file so it's easy to print and cut (each sheet has two of the same month -- and you cut the width and height after checking your specific CD case -- see the tips below on cutting.) Just click each month to link to and save the file using your browser's download manager.

January 2013 template

February 2013 template

March 2013 template

April 2013 template

May 2013 template

June 2013 template

July 2013 template

August 2013 template

September 2013 template

October 2013 template

November 2013 template

December 2013 template

Here's the info on printing and cutting the PDF pages: They're designed two of each month on a page -- so that you just print each month on white card stock and then trim off the right side so its margin is equal to the left margin. (final calendar sheet is approx. 4 & 3/4 inch wide, but that width can vary based on how wide your CD case is.) TIP: Make sure it fits inside your particular cases before you cut them all. You then cut the card stock in half vertically and each calendar page is 5 & 1/2 inches tall.

Finally, click here for a link to an online source for the special plastic CD cases that open backwards so they're perfect for holding the calendars on a desk -- I use the standard CD size case.

If you want to see all the old posts about CD calendars over the years, just click here.

Enjoy and let me know how you use them.