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The New Catalog is Here!!!

It's CD Calendar Time Again -- the 2012 pages are here!

Each year, it's a tradition that I update my print outs for a CD calendar project -- and then share those pdf files free here on my blog. I have the 2012 pages ready as lots of people like to start on Christmas gifts now and I've had requests for these.

I have a photo album link in the left side column that shows you what a calendar looks like when completed. And to see all the older posts about these calendars -- which includes the how-tos on printing and cutting them and a link to a source for the plastic CD cases (and my pages fit the CD size holders) -- just click here.

Because of the way I create these, you have to download each month individually. Sorry about that, but it's just easier for me as I don't want to risk any of the formatting for each page getting out of sync.

Enjoy -- and I'd love for you to leave a comment with a link to your blog posts about any calendars you've made with these -- or when you do make some!

Download Jan12

Download Feb12

Download Mar12

Download April12

Download May12

Download June12

Download July12

Download Aug12

Download Sept12

Download Oct12

Download Nov12

Download Dec12