We all need Chocolate
Pure Bliss

Happy Valentine's Day!


Combine a 10-year-old girl's American Girl magazine calendar....


.... with her experience running the Big Shot machine to cut Pretty in Pink Top Note bag toppers for Stampin' Up's medium cello bags...


(I just have to add here that the watermark on her arm says "Created by Catherine Harwood" -- how true is that!? With a little help from dad of course!) Anyway....you add in some creative stamping....


....and some yummy cookies made using that cake mix recipe on the AG calendar at the start of this post -- FYI: We used Crisco shortening and the one egg and needed to add just a little water so the electric mixer could get through the very thick dough. (just click on it or any photo to see it larger)...


...stick two of them together with pink frosting and this is what you get...a bunch of sandwich treats that Riley can share with her class for Valentine's Day! And they taste really good, too.


Happy Valentine's Day. Smooch and hug someone you love today.