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It's CD Calendar Time!

CD calendar
Every year for the past few years I've posted calendar page updates for a cute little CD calendar that I first made as a project at my annual hostess appreciation event. It was a big hit and many people update the calendars each year -- and even make them as fundraisers for various good causes such as my friend Jo Lea who's always training for a Team in Training event to fight Leukemia and Lymphoma. 

I have the calendars for 2011 ready and you can download each month's pdf file at the end of this post. Click here for the very first post back in 2007 about these calendars (some tips in that post) --- and you'll find a photo album of sample pages in the left column of my blog so check that out for ideas. Finally, click here for a link to an online source for the special plastic CD cases that open backwards so they're perfect for holding the calendars on a desk -- I use the standard CD size case.

Here's the info on printing and cutting the PDF pages: They're designed two of each month on a page -- so that you just print each month on white card stock and then trim off the right side so its margin is equal to the left margin. (final calendar sheet is approx. 4 & 3/4 inch wide, but that width can vary based on how wide your CD case is.) TIP: Make sure it fits inside your particular cases before you cut them all. You then cut the card stock in half vertically and each calendar page is 5 & 1/2 inches tall. When I created them, I made each month a separate file so I would not have margin troubles. So that means that if you want these files without re-creating them yourself, then you need to download all 12 months separately. Here they are:

2001 CD Calendar Page Downloads

Download Jan11

Download Feb11

Download Mar11

Download Apr11

Download May11

Download June11

Download July11

Download Aug11

Download Sept11

Download Oct11

Download Nov11

Download Dec11