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Clear Mount Stamp Storage

I love Stampin' Up's clear mount stamps -- a new option that started last spring with selected sets and then in July with most sets in the new catalog. Since the sets come in a plastic DVD case, storage systems that hold DVDs are the perfect answer to where to put all those stamp sets.

I found these neat DVD holders at the IKEA store in nearby Orlando. Love IKEA -- once I can find my way around! They're called LERBERG CD/DVD holders -- item #10035 and they are inexpensive. The photo above shows two of them mounted side by side. Each one holds 32 stamp cases between all four compartments.

They're made of metal and attach to the wall with screws (wall screws not included so plan for that). It was a little tricky to screw the unit into the wall because you have to reach around the metal bars using a long screwdriver. I got my husband to help -- man work he says -- he calls that the "fatal flaw" in our equality arguments but he means that in a very good-natured way.

Here you can see the little bars that come with the holder and that you attach yourself so it stands out from the wall. Click here for the link to the exact IKEA item.

Happy organizing -- now I just have to straighten up the room AROUND these organized stamp sets!