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Bedazzle those Pumpkins for Halloween

At Stampin' Up's convention in July they showed a set of white pumpkins that had been dressed up with the Black Flourish Designer Jewels and Spooky Things Decor Elements. I had to make my own set to sit atop an antique Hoosier cabinet I have that had been my grandmother's — but because my living room walls are off white, I went with orange fake pumpkins instead so they'd show up better. I shopped around and was able to find the pumpkins for just $5 each at Walmart. That was a better deal then even using the sales at the hobby stores -- at least where I live.

I needed two packages of the Designer Jewels (item #120987). I love these jewels as they include a clear transfer sheet to make it easier to move the pre-made flourish designs from the cardboard backing to your item or card. I'll show that with photos so read on! I also needed one package of the Spooky Things Decor Elements in black for the words "Trick -or- Treat" (item #120909) -- they also come in a dark gray and as you can see below, I have lots of fun images left over that I can use to decorate windows, serving trays or anything else as the vinyl is removable when the holiday is over. But of course I made my pumpkins with fake ones so I can store and use them every Halloween. 
Here's how I did it:

First I applied by Decor Elements words to each pumpkin by cutting them out. If you need how-tos on applying this great vinyl product, you can watch a video here.

Next is was time to add the jewels and here's a look at the transfer sheet that I mentioned in place over a whole flourish design that I used on the middle pumpkin. The first shot is after I pressed the clear sheet onto the top of the flourish -- just press hard and they stick to it. That white paper you see is the backing sheet as I've peeled it off to expose the sticky part of the jewels. I find that if I cut off excess paper as I peel it stays out of my way.

Here it is pressed onto the pumpkin -- just press the jewel design in place -- peel off the clear transfer sheet, which can be saved to use again -- and you've got one bedazzled pumpkin!

Next, here's a photo of a piece of sticky transfer sheet that I cut to use on a partial part of the second sheet of jewels -- that's how I had plenty of smaller flourish designs for the trick and treat pumpkins. (I love that there are also extra lines of jewels in these packages that you can use on other projects.) And remember, the transfer sheet is included in your package.
I did tie various black ribbons and even some of the black waffle paper from the holiday mini onto my pumpkin stems to dress those up as well. Here are close ups of each pumpkin!

This was so much easier to do then I expected. Give it a try. You can find the Decor Elements and Jewels right in my online store at the link in the top right column.