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A new look & it's moon landing day no less!

I wanted to thank Michelle Laycock for the new blog look. What a coincidence that this would be ready to unveil on today, the 40th anniversary of the moon landing! I know Michelle caught the significance of today as well in her posting for today.

I happened to have been the same age that my daughter is now when we landed on the moon (9) -- and I can still remember watching that grainy black and white TV image and my parents waking us up to see Neil Armstrong step outside. Little did I know then the role that the space program would play in my life. I grew up to be a television reporter (in a former career) who covered the space shuttle program -- and my husband still does as the very knowledgable space expert for CBS News. If you want to know anything about space, just check out Bill's website here. He's the best there is (and he follows in the footsteps of some great space journalists we've known and loved.) On the space coast, the anniversary of Apollo 11 has been a big deal -- and it's wonderful to see it get so much attention everywhere. Thanks again Michelle -- and hope everyone likes the look. And now you know a little bit more about the meaning of "3-2-1 Stamp".

Check back tomorrow to see my groovy new watermark on a cute Big Shot die cut project!