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Happy Turkey Day!

Hope you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving if reading this in the U.S. I've been either cooking, eating or visiting with family and friends all day!

I wanted to share a neat update to the cute "punch" turkey seen before in this post. Click to see that and you'll find a guide to punching all the parts. Now here's the update that I saw online somewhere and just had to try myself.

DSC_7472 Remember that you start the feathers with a scallop punched shape and before I showed that you cut off five scallops before you start folding. Well -- how about folding the five scallops over instead of cutting them off? Then it still looks like the shape you need to start with, but when you're done folding, there's another row of "fluff" to his feathers! Pretty cool idea!

Here's a look at the steps as you fold and the finished base of the turkeys feathers once you've done all three this way. Check that other post for the how-tos on the rest of this cute turkey. And if you're already tired of turkey for this year -- remember this cute idea for next year!!! Thanks so much for stopping my my blog!
Fold it in half -- then unfold before the next step in the next photo.
Here's the sides folded into that center line you made with your last fold.