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CD Calendar - 2009 Update

I wanted to share updated PDF files for the CD Calendars shown in this older post and also you can see photos of the 2007 version for ideas in the Photo Album on this topic in the left column of my blog. My stamping groups loved making these calendars originally and I've updated the months the last couple of years for anyone who wants to make them.

That older post also has details on how to trim the calendars when printed (there are two to a page -- and so that nothing shifts I uploaded them to this post for you to download by each month). That older post referenced before also has the link to the online source I prefer for the plastic calendar style CD boxes -- they open a different way than normal music CD boxes. These make great gifts and are a nice item for holiday bazaars.

Download jan_09.pdf

Download feb_09.pdf

Download mar_09.pdf

Download apr_09.pdf

Download may_09.pdf

Download jun_09.pdf

Download jul_09.pdf

Download aug_09.pdf

Download sep_09.pdf

Download oct_09.pdf

Download nov_09.pdf

Download dec_09.pdf