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Manly Cards Resume!

Lemonade Card With a Twist

Manly1 Just taking a little break from the manly swap cards -- although men of course drink lemonade, too and you can make this glass hold any beverage you like just by changing the color of the ink sponged onto the vellum card stock. Think about a light green margarita or a mustard colored beer, with Liquid Applique white foam perhaps? Or a root beer float? Or a vase of flowers?

First -- thanks for the inspiration to Kelly Acheson who made this card for a swap on the Bermuda cruise where I first saw it. She was gracious enough to share the dimensions for the "glass" and said it was fine to share my version of the card here (which features the "twist" which is a scratch and sniff version of the lemon embellishing the lip of the glass). You can see more of Kelly's work on her blog here.

Manly23 For the glass, start with a piece of Vellum Card Stock that measures 3 & 1/2 inches wide by 3 & 1/4 inches tall. With the card stock horizontal, make a tiny mark 3/4 inch in from the bottom corner on each side. (I made my marks big and in pen so you can see them easily -- you'd want to use pencil and erase it with a white, no-mark eraser after the next cutting step).


Manly24 Line up the pencil mark and the pointed top corner with the cutting groove on your SU Fiskars cutter -- you'll be making a diagonal cut and you're not measuring anything -- you're just using the mark and the point as your guide. You'll cut it that way on both sides so you're left with a glass shape that looks like this.

Manly25 Manly26 Now you want to score 3/8 inch from both of those diagonal sides of the glass and that's easy to do by lining up the point at the top edge of the glass with the 3/8 inch mark on the Fiskars and then just have that edge straight -- don't  even think about what the rest of the glass is doing  -- by using the edge of the glass, and lining it up with the 3/8 inch mark all the way down, you'll score a line that is 3/8 inch from the edge. Do that on both sides and then fold them in so it looks like this.Manly27

You'll need to trim a little nub from the vellum tabs on each side of the glass that stick up above the top -- just a snip with scissors and they're gone and flat with the top of the glass. I used a wedge of an SU Stampin' sponge to sponge yellow dye ink on the INSIDE of the glass, just between the scored marks and NOT all the way to the top edge of the glass (unless your cup runnath over as I like to joke). You don't want to sponge color on the folded under sides because those will then show through darker. I added "sugar" to the top of the glass using a 2-Way glue pen and SU's Dazzling Diamonds glitter -- it could be salt on a margarita glass as well!

Manly2 Those folded tabs are how you tape the glass to the panel -- just apply adhesive tape such as SU's SNAIL to the whole tab and then apply it to the card, one side first so it's easy to make sure the bottom of the glass is straight. Burnish the adhered tab with a bone folder and you've got a nice strong hold. Then tape the other tab to the panel and you can curve the glass out as desired -- making it flatter if you're going to mail the card and you can let it bow out more like a real curved glass if it won't get smashed in hand delivery.


Manly28 Here's the secret to scratch and sniff lemon on the edge of the glass that I made with the lemon from the Tart and Tangy set. It's sugarless KoolAid or any sugar free drink, jello or creamer -- but it must be sugarless or sugar free as sugar burns when heated. The formula is one part flavored drink powder and 1.5 parts clear embossing powder. Mix them and then stamp the image with a pigment ink (I used Yo Yo Yellow Craft ink). Sprinkle on the powder mix and heat until shiny. Punch out the lemon with a 1 & 1/4" circle punch and sponge some yellow ink on the edges to make it look like a thicker rind. Make a slit from the edge just to the center and then use a Dimensional foam adhesive dot underneath to hold it as it's slid over the edge of the glass.

The word Sparkle is from the SU set Warm Words. This is a fun card and not hard at all once you've made one!