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I love to pamper my Stampin' Up hostesses each year (that's anyone who's hosted a home workshop, catalog party, club member, etc.). I hold a Hostess Appreciation event each December and everyone who attended the December 2006 session got to make a stamped calendar -- the kind where the pages fit inside a variation on a CD case that will stand up when opened. I'm already planning some great projects for the 2007 Hostess Appreciation event so you better get those workshops booked!

I've created a photo album at the bottom of the left sidebar column where you can view pictures of each of last year's monthly designs. They're all Stampin' Up stamps and some may be retired now, but it's easy to substitute in anything that fits that month's "theme."

Here's the web link to the online source where I get my special CD cases. I really love their quality and they're based in the U.S. so the shipping is lower than a company I used to purchase from in Canada.

And of course I already created PDF files for each month in 2008! They're designed two of each month on a page -- so that you just print each month on white card stock and then trim off the right side so its margin is equal to the left margin. (final calendar sheet is approx. 4 & 3/4 inch wide, but that width can vary based on how wide your CD case is.) TIP: Make sure it fits inside before you cut them all. You then cut the card stock in half vertically and each calendar page is 5 & 1/2 inches tall. When I created them, I made each month a separate file so I would not have margin troubles. So that means that if you want these files without re-creating them yourself, then you need to download all 12 months separately. Here they are:

Download jan_08.pdf

Download feb_08.pdf

Download mar_08.pdf

Download apr_08.pdf

Download may_08.pdf

Download june_08.pdf

Download july_08.pdf

Download aug_08.pdf

Download sept_08.pdf

Download oct_08.pdf

Download nov_08.pdf

Download dec_08.pdf

Enjoy making your own CD calendars. They make great Christmas gifts for teachers, friends and family!