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New 07-08 SU "In Colors"

It's great to be back from the Sampin' Up Panama Canal cruise. One of my favorite parts of being a demonstrator (besides all the great stamps) is the chance to take my family on the SU incentive trip each year. Going through the canal's first lock at Gatun Lake was SO cool. And we got to come back through it so we could cruise home to Florida. This year on our "at sea" days they unveiled some new items from the upcoming catalog that will begin July 1. One of the coolest was the six new "In Colors" added to our SU color pallete for the 2007-2008 catalog year -- plus a brand new addition to the Neutrals known as Basic Gray -- it's waterproof like Basic Brown and Black. I love this year's colors of course and am recommending that everyone stock up on ink refills and card stock for their favorite 06-07 In Colors before they "retire" June 30. (That's what we're told as of right now anyway -- that In Colors will retire).

I wanted to share photos of the 6 In Colors and Basic Gray -- just remember these do not start until July 1. Until then continue to enjoy our current In Colors -- such as my favs Cool Caribbean and Vintage Violet. It was awesome of SU to release these upcoming ones to us early and I just wanted you all to get a sneak peek as well. Photos are never as representative of true colors as I'd like -- but this will give you an idea. The one that I will describe a little is River Rock, which is sort of like Sahara Sand with green to it. It did not photograph as true to color as I would have liked -- it is a very on trend color and is very nice in person.