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Viewmaster Card Fun

Viewmaster_photo1_1This is one of the projects for my February stamp clubs and I promised I would share it here -- especially since winter cold bugs kept a few people away. Here are directions. Download Viewmaster_no_mat.doc This whole project was inspired by Dawn Warner, a very creative demonstrator in my group. She adjusted an idea she's seen online and I adjusted it a little more, going with some simple layering on the top layer of the card. The idea for a Viewmaster card is to have different images appear in the little window as you spin the wheel. In this case, Loads of Love set from SU is perfect, as the images can "land" right in the back of the truck! Viewmaster_photo2_2I fit four images on the wheel -- you can fit maybe one or two more, but you have to be careful that they don't start to appear before the one you're viewing disappears. A look at the back and you can see how to put the whole thing together. Viewmaster_photo_backThe how-to sheet that's downloadable earlier in this post explains it all pretty clearly I think. The real trick is cutting two circles with the Coluzzle system -- a card stock one for the actual wheel you stamp on and a copy paper one the same size that you fold into eighths like a pizza to use as a guide for punching the little divots and piercing the center hole to attach it to the card with a brad. Trust me -- it's simple really. With a little practice, you'll get the hang of it and love making these.