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Welcome & Christmas Note Box

Hello and welcome to my 321 Stamp blog. This is a chance for me to share project ideas and information about specials so that you can easily check back for information when you need it. Much easier than trying to sort through emails for the one that has the instructions you need. To see a photo larger, just click on it!
Such as this great Holliday Box of notes. Love_note_box_2Here are the how-to's:
box base: 4" by 12" card stock (I used Cranberry Crisp)
Double-sided decorated paper: 1 & 3/4 inch by 12 inches (or adjust the width to fit your paper's pattern)
Focal point embellishment as desired

Score the box from one short side at: 2", 5 & 1/4", 7 & 1/4" and 10 & 1/2" then turn the paper so it's long ways and score 1 & 1/2" from the one long end (that's the bottom of the box)

Stamp or wheel a design on the box. I left the top 1/2 inch plain and then had that show above the printed papers I attached so there was more variation in texture. Cut along the vertical score lines from the bottom of the box up to the long 1 & 1/2" score line. Instead of making straight cuts on these, angle cut up from the bottom to the side of each line so you make an inverted V and the corners of the flap won't show when the box is folded. Cut out the small corner square on the bottom flap below your smaller side flap.

Put Sticky Strip on the right side of the small side flap. Fold this in and then it's easy to remove the red liner tape, fold your box in half and adhere those sides together. Have Sticky strip on the WRONG side of one large bottom flap. Fold in bottom sides first, then the larger flaps, the one with that sticky strip last.

I scored one long edge of the Designer Paper 3/8 inch from the side, which made it easy to fold over so the opposite side showed. Then I wrapped this around the assembled box, pinching a little at each corner and then folding those for a tight fit before attaching the paper with SNAIL. I had the ends overlap in the front so they could be covered with the embellishment square.

The box will hold 4 to 8 love note size cards and anything else you can think of. Medium flat bags fit inside the box if you want to use it to give candy, etc. The box itself will fit down inside a Medium Gusset cello bag.

NOTE: On Sat. after clubs, I was studying the box and realized that the flap where you put Sticky Strip is wide enough that you could subtract 1 inch and still have about a 1/4 inch flap there to put the sticky strip on. That means you COULD make this box from a piece of 11 inch card stock. You could have the piece 4 & 1/4 inch by 11 inches, keep the scoring the same, and the box will end up 1/4 inch taller, with the side flap that tucks in to attach to the other larger flap, just smaller. Give it a try. And for those who of course ordered 12 inch card stock to make these, I still will be using that and you do get three from one sheet that way so it's not more expensive. Sorry I did not think of this sooner -- but this does let you use the smaller sheets in a pinch -- especially with those In Colors if you need to make more. There are 4 sheets of each color in the 12 by 12 In Color assortments. Those 6 colors ARE sold individually though in the smaller size Card stock.Box_with_cards